Datalayer provides Docker images to easily work with Big Data Science. You can get one the images from Docker Hub.

Datalayer Spitfire

The Datalayer Spitfire Docker iamges:

  • Spitfire, the Professional Notebook for Data Science.
  • Spitfire Ambari, Spitfire and Ambari combo for Kerberos….

Apache Zeppelin

The Apache Zeppelin Docker images:

  • Zeppelin, the vanilla Apache Zeppelin (Spark + PySpark + R + Ggplot2 + SparkR + Scala/R Binding).
  • Zeppelin Datalayer, Apache Zeppelin with patches and non-yet merged pull requests.

Apache Ambari

The Apache Ambari Docker image:

  • Ambari, the vanilla Apache Ambari.

Work Happy with Docker and Datalayer!



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