Datalayer Science Platform

Simple. Collaborative. Multi Cloud. Big Data Science.

Datalayer is an open-source solution for Big Data Analytics on Kubernetes at Internet Scale

It allows dataset exploration at low-cost and social collaboration to build data products that scale. Datalayer is open-source and uses the latest solutions provided by the Apache and Linux foundations.

Cost Less

Cluster Reservations ensure your cluster nodes are up only when needed. This gives you a hughe cost reduction. You also have the choice for the nodes: Spot instances or a full EKS/AKS or even your laptop to test it out.

No Lock In

Everything runs natively on Kubernetes to ensure you can move your exporation artifacts on any cloud or in your premises.


Build beautiful Data Poducts with collaborative projects at internet scale. We ship easy Big Data with Spark, Python and R made easy for beginners and experts.