Docker Images

The needed Docker images can be pulled or built. You may also use a local registry to develop.

Pull the Docker Images

You can pull the images deployed by Datalayer in Dockerhub.

# Get the images on your local d
dla dsp-docker-pull

Build the Docker Images

You can build your own custom Docker images and push to your favorite repository.

Start from the Docker files available in the $DLAHOME/etc/docker folder and in the datalayer-contrib repositories.

As prerequisite, you need the datalayer-contrib repositories and build Spark.

dla repos-clone
dla spark-build 2.4

Build the images.

dla dsp-docker-build

Deploy in a Local Registry

If you are developing on with a local registry (docker or minikube on localhost:5000), you can push the images to this local registry.

# Tag and push the Docker images to a local registry on localhost:5000.
dla dsp-docker-push-local

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