Jupyter Extensions

# nbextension: A notebook extension. A single JS file, or directory of JavaScript, Cascading StyleSheets, etc. that contain at minimum a JavaScript module packaged as an AMD modules that exports a function `load_ipython_extension`.
jupyter nbextension list
# server extension: An importable Python module that implements `load_jupyter_server_extension`.
jupyter serverextension list
# bundler extension: An importable Python module with generated File -> Download as / Deploy as menu item. trigger that implements bundle.
jupyter bundlerextension list

Pizza Extension

# Pizza Extension.
pip install pizzabutton
jupyter serverextension enable --py pizzabutton --sys-prefix
jupyter nbextension install --py pizzabutton --sys-prefix
jupyter nbextension enable --py pizzabutton --sys-prefix

Grader Extension

Clone the Jupyter Grader repository and read the Jupyter Grader docs.

To run Grader on Jupyterhub, clone the JupyterHub Deploy Teaching repository and read the JupyterHub Deploy Teaching docs.

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