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# Option 1.
pip install --upgrade jupyterlab
echo http://localhost:8888/lab
jupyter lab
# Option 2.
echo http://localhost:8888/lab
jupyter lab --log-level DEBUG --port 8080 --notebook-dir /d
# Option 3.
jupyter serverextension enable --py jupyterlab --sys-prefix
echo http://localhost:8888/lab
jupyter notebook
jupyter lab paths


  • Core mode (--core-mode): in this mode JupyterLab will run using the JavaScript assets contained in the installed jupyterlab Python package. In core mode, no extensions are enabled. This is the default in a stable JupyterLab release if you have no extensions installed.
  • Dev mode (--dev-mode): uses the unpublished local JavaScript packages in the dev_mode folder. In this case JupyterLab will show a red stripe at the top of the page. It can only be used if JupyterLab is installed as pip install -e ..
  • App mode (--app-dir): JupyterLab allows multiple JupyterLab "applications" to be created by the user with different combinations of extensions. The --app-dir can be used to set a directory for different applications. The default application path can be found using jupyter lab path.

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