JupyterLab Hub Extension

JupyterLab Hub Extension Repository.

# This adds a "Hub" menu to JupyterLab that allows a user to log out of JupyterHub or access their JupyterHub control panel. This follows the JupyterLab extension system where an extension is just an npm package, not wrapped in a Python package.
jupyter serverextension enable --py jupyterlab --sys-prefix
jupyter labextension install @jupyterlab/hub-extension
open http://localhost:8000/user/datalayer/lab
# In `jupyterhub_config.py` configure the Spawner to tell the single-user notebook servers to default to Jupyter-Lab.
c.Spawner.default_url = '/lab'
# You will also need to start the single user servers in JupyterHub using the following command (that ships with JupyterLab).
jupyter labhub
# Alternatively, you can add the following to `jupyterhub_config.py`
c.Spawner.cmd = ['jupyter-labhub']

Additional information may be found in the Zero to JupyterHub Guide for Kubernetes

# For a development install (requires npm version 4 or later), do the following in the repository directory.
npm install
jupyter labextension link .
# To rebuild the package and the JupyterLab app after making changes.
npm run build
jupyter lab build

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