Jupyter Kernel install documentation.

python -m pip install ipykernel
python -m ipykernel install --user
jupyter kernelspec list
# ipython kernelspec list --json
jupyter kernelspec list --json
jupyter kernel
# [KernelApp] Starting kernel 'python3'
# [KernelApp] Connection file: ...kernel-e0bde3c0-00e8-46c0-9e47-d01c3b9d3618.json
# [KernelApp] To connect a client: --existing kernel-e0bde3c0-00e8-46c0-9e47-d01c3b9d3618.json
# ~/.local/share/jupyter/runtime/kernel-d785bbc8-c058-49d0-861c-97a39089c91e.json
# ./run/user/1000/jupyter/kernel-772af73b-185b-4960-b0fb-a0532dc59e49.json

Callisto - A command line utility to create kernels in Jupyter from virtual environments.

Reactive Python: A reactive Python kernel. Whenever a variable value is changed, the kernel automatically executes its dependencies (any cells which use that variable) with the updated value. As of now, reactivepy can also support asynchronous functions.

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