Nteract Commuter

Clone the Github Nteract and check the Commuter source code.

echo http://localhost:4000
cd $DLAHOME/repos/nteract && \
  yarn && \
  COMMUTER_PORT=4000 && \
  yarn app:commuter
sudo npm install -g @nteract/commuter
COMMUTER_BUCKET=sweet-notebooks commuter
# General Environment Variables
# Environment Variable    Description    Default
COMMUTER_STORAGE_BACKEND    local or s3    local
COMMUTER_DISCOVERY_BACKEND    either elasticsearch or none    "none"
COMMUTER_PORT    Port to run commuter on    4000
COMMUTER_LOCAL_STORAGE_BASEDIRECTORY    directory to serve in local storage mode    process.cwd()
COMMUTER_ES_HOST    ElasticSearch Host    ""
# Environment Variables for S3 Storage
# Environment Variable    Description    Default
COMMUTER_S3_BASE_PREFIX    prefix on the bucket, similar to base directory    ""
COMMUTER_S3_PATH_DELIMITER    separator for "paths"    "/"
COMMUTER_BUCKET    bucket contents served from    Required in S3 mode, no default
COMMUTER_S3_KEY    AWS Key    Optional, uses IAM roles or ~/.aws/credentials otherwise
COMMUTER_S3_SECRET    AWS Secret    Optional, uses IAM roles or ~/.aws/credentials otherwise

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