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apm install hydrogen
cd $DLAHOME/repos/nteract-hydrogen
yarn install
# If I add `hydrogen:hot-reload-package` to `activationCommands` in `package.json`, it shows up, but then it also shows up when not in dev mode.
# Since it's not an activation command, hydrogen will need to be active before you can use it. That said, I've never been sure how that command works so I usually just reload window any time I want to refresh.
# And if I'm doing that a lot during development I write a test to at least make sure things will load.

Install the nteract kernels.

No kernel for language python found` on Hydrogen run command

Visual Studio Code




https://github.com/lgeiger/hydrogen-launcher https://github.com/nikitakit/hydrogen-python https://github.com/BenRussert/data-explorer https://atom.io/packages/hydrogen-python

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