Spark Contributions

History Server for Kubernetes SPARK-24179 OPEN
Integration Tests for Client Mode SPARK-23146 datalayer-contrib:client-mode #45 OPEN
Client Mode SPARK-23146 Apache: datalayer-contrib:k8s-client-mode

Apache Fork: datalayer-contrib:client-mode-datalayer-dev
[WIP] Describe Spark submit in relation with client-mode (+ hadoop and dependencies) palantir:k8s-client-mode


Refactor Kubernetes code for configuring driver/executor pods to use consistent and cleaner abstraction SPARK-22839 mccheah:spark-22839-incremental Initial framework for pod construction architecture refactor #20910
Refactor Steps Orchestrator based on the Chain Pattern #604 Example: Include and exclude driver and executor steps (with etcd example)
[INTEGRATION_TESTS] Random failure of tests (
Use a pre-installed Minikube instance for integration tests. #521
Application names should support whitespaces and special characters
[ShuffleService] Need for spark.local.dir?
Spark UI When Spark runs, it gives you a useful user interface to manage and monitor your jobs and configuration (` echo http://localhost:4040`).
This can be enhanced with a specific tab for Kubernetes
Docker Logging Handler datalayer-contrib:spark/docker-logging-handler #576 OPEN
Disable ssl test for staging server if current classpath contains the jetty shaded classes datalayer-contrib:spark/jetty-sslcontext #463 #573 OPEN
Develop and build Kubernetes modules in isolation without the other Spark modules datalayer-contrib:spark/kubernetes-parent #570 OPEN
Add libc6-compat in spark-bash to allow parquet datalayer-contrib:spark/libc6-compat #504 #550 OPEN
Add documentation for Zeppelin with Spark on Kubernetes datalayer-contrib:spark-docs/zeppelin #21 OPEN
[WIP] [SPARK-19552] [BUILD] Upgrade Netty version to 4.1.8 final

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