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Datalayer is about code on data for literate programming:

  • Create analysis project and share it.
  • Search what others have created.
  • Collaborate in teams on research projects.
  • Follow people and discover what they do.
  • Teach and Learn with Python on datasets. Discover and learn from others while getting noticed with your public data cards. We provide free access to data and coding environment. No set-up on your side is required!
  • You create, share, socialize and have fun with code and data.
  • Search and upload interesting datasets.
  • Create a snippet to test some Python code, save it and when ready, make it public so people can interact with it.
  • Create public or private courses containing Python exercises.
  • Learn and interact with other's courses, exercises and snippets.
  • In your space, the public library contains all public's datasets, snippets, exercises and courses of the community.
  • Search what you like and enroll in courses and try out exercises.
  • Search on interesting datasets for your next analysis.
  • Using the + button, upload a new dataset, create a new snippet or exercises. When ready, make them public!
  • You can access your datasets, snippets and exercises in you workspace under the "Library" tab.
  • You can also create new courses that are a collection of exercise.. Make them private and enroll your students (paid version) or make them public so that everyone can enjoy them.
  • You can view the courses you created under the "Teaching" tab as the grades of the students.
  • Under the "Learning" tab, you can view what courses you are enrolled into and your grades.