User Guide

Datalayer is about code on data:

  • Create analysis project and share it.
  • Search what others have created.
  • Collaborate in teams on research projects.
  • Follow people and discover what they do.

Free Account

Go to the signup page and create your personal free account. You will need a valid email address to confirm your account.


You are now ready to create your first project. Give your project tags so it can be found easily.

You can add on your project:

  • Datasets.
  • Notebooks.
  • APIS.

The Datasets and Notebooks are stored on the public IPFS.

You will have the option to make them private.


The JupyterLab Notebook is the WEB user interface to analyse datasets, an innovative WEB user interface for Data Scientists to better collaborate and deliver faster. We have curated and developed extensions for your analysis experience to be efficient and fun.

Publish on Twitter

You authenticate with Twitter and share screen captures.

  1. When your Notebook is launched (it can take a few seconds...), go the the Twitter sidebar on the left-hand side of the notebook.
  2. Link your Twitter Account with Datalayer clicking on the SIGN IN blue button and Authorize app in the popup window.
  3. Take a screenshot with the right Capture button (select with the mouse the screen area you want to capture).
  4. Type a text in the input form and click on the left blue Tweet button.
Publish on Twitter
Figure - Publish on Twitter


The Datalayer Library is feeded during the Exploration and is reused during the Exploration to Alpha phase.


Figure - Profile


You create Notebook Covers for your analysis.

Notebook Cover
Figure - Notebook Cover

Each Note also receives a Cover.

Note Cover
Figure - Notebook Cover


The Notes can be assembled in Flows to prepare the Alpha phase.

Figure - Flows

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